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Pictures from Brentwood TN with co-author Don Keith (pen name Jefferey Addison)

Don Keith and Edie Hand

Faye Robinson, Marlene Ayers, Edie Hand, Bennie Jacks (back row) Susan Voiers, Darcy Young

Country singer Angela Hacker with cousin Edie Hand

Faye Robinson and Edie Hand

Three Elvis Cousins- Tonya Holly(movie producer), Edie Hand and Angela Hacker (country singer)

Susan Voiers and Edie Hand

Lily Holly, Tonya Holly and Edie Hand

Edie Hand, Dr. Steve Roth and Darcy Young

Bennie Jacks, Marlene Ayers and Edie Hand

Homemade Pizza made by Dr. Steve Roth

Fresh Strawberry Cake by Sarah Webb

Edie Hand and Sarah Webb in the kitchen