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Boyett Farm

The Boyett Farm

Dr. Potts and Edie hand with Karen Wheaton from the Ramp

Edie Hand with Tim Aaron, managing partner of OPC, and Franklin Pharmacy and Greg Godfrey.

Austin Boyett showing Marie Potts her pet hen.

Edie Hand and Zach Boyett showing Edie the horses on the farm.

Edie and Zach and horses.

Dr. Daniel Potts and Dr.Brent Boyett with their Children sitting with Edie Hand while filming on the Boyett Farm.

Marie Potts, Dr. Daniel Potts, Austin Boyett, Edie Hand, Dr. Brent Boyett and Zach Boyett.

Zach Boyett bringing the pigs to HOG the Camera while filming at the Boyett Farm.

Dr. Daniel Potts, Dr. Brent Boyett & Dr. Preston Weathers

Edie Hand having fun at the Boyett Farm in Hamilton, AL

Austin Boyett with Edie Hand and petting Austin’s Pet Hen.

Edie Hand and Publisher Steve Condra

Some dishes that Sandra Boyett cooked up for RX Rural TV while filming on the Boyett Farm in Hamilton, Al. 6/15/2012