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Edie with Colonel Paul and Dr Higgins

RX for Healthy Lifestyles #135

Colonel Paul brings his special recipe for a healthy meal of turkey and quinoa; Dr. Evelyn Higgins discusses smart eating.

Published on Apr 27, 2013

Hosted by Edie Hand and Dr. Daniel Potts.

In this week’s show, Edie cooks up something special in the kitchen with Colonel Paul! We’ve got a tremendous breakfast food that will get your day started right…Ground Turkey and Quinoa.  Dr. Evelyn Higgins checks in to talk about how these ingredients are heart smart and will impact your everyday living.

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Colonel Paul and Miss Edie’s Mexican Rice



Mexican Rice Recipe

jacket CajunCreole





Cooking Cajun and Creole with Miss Edie and The Colonel  is a unique new Louisiana style cookbook which examines the evolution, historical background, and culinary differences between the Cajun and Creole cuisines of South Louisiana.   Co-author’s Edie Hand and Colonel William G. Paul explain the basic techniques that one must master to prepare food in the Cajun/Creole manner as well as document the historical and ethnic influences that have evolved through the years and come together to create this World renown culinary style.  

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